CO-DIB consulting philosophy is to advise and support your company, working collaboratively and maximising the potential of your organisation.  We call it “Operative Consulting” and provides focused plan and tools to reach your target.  We work across a wide variety of industries and deliver results in strategy definition, market analysis performance, organisation improvement and operative support, in the field.

We believe in a differentiated, step by step consulting offering.  Our approach is characterised by:

• Real impact with lasting results:  We solve your complex issues with a relentless focus on developing pragmatic and sustainable solutions.

 • Flexible engagement models: Every problem is unique, and therefore our approach to solving that problem is tailored to the problem. Our approach can range from high impact teams or thin support models, to individual coaching and personal advice.

 • Truly collaborative relationships: We work together with you and your team to deliver the right outcomes. We create a long term commitment with you and believe in your success.

 • Alignment of interests: Your success is important to us.  We always willing to offer a project guarantee. Where appropriate, we will align our success with yours, whether placing fees at risk, structuring incentive payments or taking equity in lieu of fees.

CO-DIB Commodity offers consulting and trading services across the commodity spectrum. Our   Advisory   Services   are   tailored   to   meet   individual  business, investment  or  trading  objectives.  Services include, but are not limited, to the following:


Commodity Transactions:

• Commodity Transactions Identification • Commodity Transactions Analysis • Commodity Transactions Implementation  • Commodity Transactions Full Management

Compliance, Due Diligence and KYC (Know Your Customer) assessments: 

• Implementation of safeguards and processes • Ensuring that the company has up-to-date information about market requirments • Review, update and implementations of procedures and policies


• Hedging strategies • Market feasibility studies • Risk assessments. • Site assessments • Structured reports • Specialized presentations • System assessments


CO-DIB business has no geographical boundaries in the world. 
However ethical and legal restrictions are strictly enforced. National and international laws as well as regulations relating to our business are clearly identified and mastered.


For companies and individulas interested in CO-DIB services please request our Standard Engagment Letter on:

CO-DIB works to provide understanding and clarity through the intricacies of an ever changing real estate market. Our objective is to make our clients aware of the most interesting real estate opportunity worldwide. We work with many types of stakeholders in the industry: builders and developers, private and institutional investors, financial and legal service firms, building manufacturers and architecture/engineering studies.

Moreover, CO-DIB’s experience thrives on helping our clients make great investment decisions. We know that when we get it right, you succeed—and will return to us for your next assignment. Some additional real estate consulting services can offer are:

• Strategic ad   vice related to an important acquisition or product decision. Millions of dollars could be at risk so we are brought in to help our clients make more informed decisions about specific assets. • Independent third party opinion related to pricing and absorption assumptions. Investors hire consultants to verify their builder/developer partner’s revenue related assumptions. • Regulatory/Institutional requirements—cities, banks, and pension funds often times need to hire appraisers and consultants to support investment decisions or bond offerings. • Bolstering client’s credibility for capital raising efforts related to IPOs or private placement memorandums.

Redefining Luxury: since established, CO-DIB has been at the forefront of Luxury, in many areas as Art, Vintage Cars, Jewels, Precious Stones and Lifestyle Branding across the world. 

CO-DIB brings together a passionate blend of Art, Fashion and Luxury, delivering a unique and prestigious value proposition to help define and position your brand into elusive and exclusive luxury market.

Extensive Services: As an internationally-minded luxury specialist, with deep rooted knowledge and experience in Italy and many other countries in the world, CO-DIB Luxury offers a rich and diversified strategic approach to many brands, as well as a simple reporting and brokerage of the trendiest luxury goods.

Guidance: Built in the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, combined with an experienced financial and commercial background, CO-DIB Luxury delivers the strategic guidance and goal in building successful luxury brands in Art, Apparel, Vintage Cars, Jewels and Precious Stones.

Influence: With strong relationship shaped with international influencer and trendsetter, CO-DIB Luxury is well-aligned to negotiate strategic partnership with leading luxury lifestyle brand and help propel emerging brands into new and exciting markets.